Belfast Pathology 2017 – Abstracts and Speaker Presentations


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Speaker Presentations

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Named Lecture

Pathological Society: Doniach Lecture – JJ Going Fields of carcinogenesis in breast and oesophagus

BDIAP Kristin Henry Lecture: WG McCluggage Pathological subtyping of ovarian and endometrial cancers: A story of success or failure?

Pathological Society: CL Oakley Lecture – NP West - Improving outcomes in colorectal cancer: The importance of rigorous pathological quality control



IO Ellis Research in breast cancer – where are we now and what’s next?

SE Pinder What do breast pathologists find difficult? Learning from my referral practice

E Provenzano - Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer – practical aspects of specimen handling and recent advances



SD Billings Myxoid tumours of the skin

JE Calonje – Update on cutaneous vascular tumours: Part 1 of 2 | Part 2 of 2

A de la Fouchardiere – Update on the clinico-pathological and molecular diagnosis of melanocytic lesions


Digital and Computational Pathology for Tissue Imaging and Analytics

A Beck Deep Learning for Pathology. Sponsored by Philips

J Molin – Diagnostic tools that make you smart: Defending pathologists’ attributes in the age of the machine. Sponsored by Sectra.

J van der Laak – Deep learning based algorithms significantly aid breast cancer pathology

PJ van Diest – Computational Pathology in Breast Cancer


Digital Pathology for Clinical Diagnostics: Drivers for Change

A Boden – Going Digital in Pathology: Swedish Experience

M Tuthill Pathology Informatics in the USA

I van den Berghe Running a 100% Digital Pathology Laboratory. Challenges and Opportunities


Gastrointestinal Pathology

AC Bateman Gastrointestinal tract involvement by systemic disease

RM Feakins – Ulcerative colitis versus Crohn’s disease: is biopsy useful?

M Loughrey – Microscopic colitis: a term in evolution

SL Meijer Diagnostic dilemmas in Barrett’s oesophagus

M Novelli – Pathology of ileoanal pouch

K Sheahan Drug-induced gastrointestinal disease


Gynae/BAGP: Hot Topics in Gynaecological Cancer

B Gilks The clinical significance of stratifying vulval squamous carcinoma into HPV and non-HPV related variants

WG McCluggage The emerging spectrum of non-HPV related cervical adenocarcinomas

N Singh How do we assign primary site in extrauterine high grade serous carcinoma?

Joint Gynae/BAGP Meeting: The Perils and Pleasures of Biopsy Pathology Reporting

WG McCluggage - Cervical and vulvovaginal biopsies: Part 1 of 2 / Part 2 of 2

B Gilks Omental, peritoneal and ovarian biopsies



S Feeney – EBV quantitation in health and disease

F Fend Potential application of new technologies to lymphoproliferative diseases in FIT-with special reference to marginal zone lymphoma

H van Krieken – Inflammatory bowel disease and EBV related LPD in GIT


Head & Neck

K Harrington Evolving evidence from clinical trials and personalised therapy for patients with head and neck cancer

TR Helliwell HPV-associated head and neck cancers – an update



R Goldin Update on fatty liver disease

SG Hubscher Update on autoimmune biliary disease

CS Verbeke Pathology of non-neoplastic pancreatic diseases

J Wyatt Update on cholangiocarcinoma


Journal of Pathology ARI: Genetics of Disease

D Church Cancer predisposition syndromes: lessons for truly precision medicine

M O’Driscoll The pathological consequences of impaired genome integrity in humans: disorders of the DNA replication machinery


What’s New in Interstitial Lung Disease

R Attanoos Prognostic markers in mesothelioma

A Fabre Cystic lung disease

JR Gosney Immunomodulatory therapy in NSCLC – A year into clinical practice

AG Nicholson UIP, NSIP and their differential diagnoses

DM Rassl Fibrosing Organising Pneumonia (FOP) and Pleuroparenchymal Fibroelastosis (PPFE)


Molecular Diagnostics for Histopathologists

R Butler Clinical implementation of circulating tumour DNA analysis by digital droplet PCR for NSCLC

A Oniscu Tissue is the issue: sample and practical challenges in molecular pathology testing

A Seller - Transforming the histopathology workforce: perspectives from the Genomics Education Programme


NGS for Tissue Pathologists

J Hadfield Overview of Next Generation Sequencing technologies and bioinformatics in cancer

AS Stenzinger Molecular Pathology in Cancer Precision Medicine: The Heidelberg Experience


Renal Pathology: I learned something new from that case – six presentations of educational renal biopsies

M Soares - Case 1

T Dorman - Case 4

D O’Rourke - Case 6


Renal Pathology

M Sheaff RCPath/Renal Registry issues


Trainee Sessions

A Nicholson Interstitial Lung Disease

J CraneForensics – When to call them in/Refer

NJ Sebire Placental Pathology for General Pathologists