Speakers’ Presentations – Maastricht Pathology 2018

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Named Lectures

Pathological Society: Sir N Wright Lecture – Dr. D Dorward Exploring neutrophil function to delineate novel treatments I acute respiratory distress syndrome

BDIAP Kristin Henry Lecture: Prof. S Fleming The Impact of Genetics on Renal Cancer Classification – Revisited

Pathological Society: Doniach Lecture  – Prof. JE Martin - Discovery Pathology and New Approaches to Treatment


On the Frontiers of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours

Dr. S Verbeke Vascular tumours of soft tissue and bone

Prof. C Fisher Mimics of sarcoma

Prof. R Sciot - MDM2 in soft tissue and bone sarcoma

Prof. C Antonescu - What’s new in Ewing(-like) sarcoma


From Fixed to Functional Breast Pathology

Dr. J Stouthard Impact of pathology on breast cancer patients

Dr. J Thomas – High quality breast pathology of today and challenges of tomorrow


Rare Breast Cancers: From Microscope to Molecule

Dr. R Natrajan – Metaplastic breast cancer

Dr. S Van Laere – Inflammatory breast cancer


Trainees Symposium: Cytology

Dr. R Dina – Thyroid cytology in the MDT setting

Dr. A Chandra Applications of cytology in urological disease

Prof. M Remmelink Cytology in EBUS

Dr. N D’Haene From cytology to molecular and the use of NGS



Prof. W Mooi Reactive epidermal and dermal changes in melanocytic tumours

Dr. T Brenn – Soft tissue tumours of the skin

Dr. T Wiesner – New melanoma syndromes – BAP1 and beyond – impact on the pathologist


The Future of Pathology

Prof. I Tomlinson Germline variation impact on disease phenotypes


Early Colorectal Cancer – Bowel Cancer Screening

Prof. P Quirke What is happening within the English screening programme?

Prof. A Lugli What should we do with tumour budding in early CRC?

Prof. NA Shepherd Not so simple pathology: issues from the screening programme


Genotype or Phenotype: What Matters Most in GI Cancers?

Prof. F Carneiro – Hereditary GI cancer syndromes

Prof. T Sugai - Recent advance in Molecular Carcinogenesis of colorectal tumours

Prof .R Langer – Genotype or phenotype-what matters most in Barrett’s oesophagus?


New Perspectives on Biliary Tract Disease

Prof. S Hubscher Scoring systems for liver disease, their relevance and new developments in scoring biliary diseases

Prof. R Goldin Drug induced livery injury

Dr. J Verheij IgG4-associated cholangitis


Gynaecological Symposium: Organised Jointly by Trainees & Senior

Dr. K Vroobel What’s new and important in reporting of uterine cancers

Dr. N Wilkinson Challenging cases in uterine pathology


Advanced in lung cancer pathology and management

Dr. E Thunnissen Limitations of the 2015 WHO classification of lung cancer

Prof. R Büttner Genomics of lung cancer: Impact on molecular diagnostics guiding therapy

Prof. K Kerr Promising biomarkers for immunotherapy in lung cancer

Dr. E Schuuring Hunting for cancer cells and molecules in the blood


The Pathology of Obesity

Prof. M Sheppard Cardiovascular pathology of obesity

Prof. C Alpers Renal pathology of obesity

Prof. R Goldin Liver pathology in the obese


An Update on the Pathology of Prostate Cancer

Prof. D Berney Prostate Cancer staging and datasets: the Nitty-Gritty.

Dr. M Varma Intraductal Carcinoma of the Prostate

Dr. GJLH van Leenders Prostate Cancer – Update on Gleason Grading


Renal Pathology: Thrombotic microangiopathy – what does the renal biopsy add to patient management?

Prof. ISD Roberts Introduction and definitions

Dr. T Wiech TMA-the German experience

Prof. HT Cook TMA-clinicopathological correlations


Renal Pathology

Dr. C Alpers - Diabetic Nephropathy: New Insights into Pathogenesis


Molecular Pathological Epidemiology (MPE): Integrative Big-Data Population-Pathobiology

Prof. S Ogino MPE Transforms Pathology, Integrating Genomics, Microbiome and Immunology

Dr. M LoughreyAspirin, statins and molecular pathological epidemiology of colon cancer

Prof. P van den BrandtMolecular pathological epidemiology of lifestyle factors and colorectal and renal cell cancer risk

Prof. C BeggStrategies for investigating aetiologic heterogeneity of cancer


Undergraduate Day

Prof. W Mooi Pathology is part of biology

Dr. E VillamorVery preterm infants: A clinicopathological perspective

Prof. H van KriekenWhy is cancer a disease of old people and sometimes of children?

Prof. Dr. B KubatForensic pathology in the Netherlands